Independent character, autonomous artist, Cloé du Trèfle, musician from Brussels, plays music by passion. Unclassifiable, her music is revealed by small impressionist touches.

Between electro-pop colors and symphonic motifs, romantic prose and urban poetry, the compositions thwart formats, carefully avoiding repetition. For almost fifteen years, freedom has been at the heart of Cloé du Trèfle's creations.

In early 2019, Cloé du Trèfle released the album "Vertige horizontal" with the Brazilian label Tratore in South America. This album is made of unpublished songs, rearrangements, added samples in Portuguese or Spanish and new sounds. This record is also closer to the current live because Cloé shares the stage with the musician Céline Chappuis, who plays the cello and electronic pad.

The words in line with her emotions, Cloé du Trèfle publishes in 2017 'Entre l’infime et l’infini', an album that revives the song format. After two disc-concepts where she observed the world through the eyes of others ('Hasards de trajectoires' and 'D’une nuit à une autre'), the Brussels singer again puts her voice on her feelings, in French or in English.

Recorded in her own studio, this record gets a foothold in the intimacy to better jump into the immensity. 'Entre l’infime et l’infini' is a quest for the absolute, a return to the light, a call for breath. Created at the crossroads of an electronic tingle and a host of ultra-organic arrangements, the songs raise various waves to the soul and release a flow of metaphors on the skin. Accompanied by the cellos of Céline Chappuis and Thècle Joussaud, Cloé du Trèfle’s ideas gain momentum.

The emotions connected to the song, Cloé du Trèfle shares a deep album: twelve pieces inhabited by the sacred fire, the will to emancipate herself ('La méprise et le mépris’), the need to appease the tension ('Do you know it's time'). Moments fused condensed under a personal pronoun, 'Nous' enchants with the complicity of Arnaud Fleurent-Didier met during a tour in China. Other distinguished guests are also present on this album: Nicole Bongo Letuppe (Karavan, Askanyi, ...) Fanny van Hammée (Faon Faon), Charlotte Maison (Sold Out), Paul Bertrand ...

In 2014 was released her concept album "D’une nuit à une autre", applauded by the press. This concept-album is about exile, and electronics, pianos, superb orchestrations arranged by Renaud Lhoest, electric guitars, voices and testimonies recorded in a documentary process are ingeniously mixed to plunge us into a fascinating sound road movie.

"Hasards de trajectoires", the previous album and 3rd album in French of Cloé won the Octave of the Best album of French song (Belgian equivalent of the Victoires de la Musique) in June 2011. This album took place in real time, around Lisa's character and a sort of pursuit race through a city and its public transport.

After a classical piano training, Cloé du Trèfle started on the electric guitar and continued her sound researches on the basis of loops created with a sampler or triturating certain sounds with her computer. Cloé can just as easily restore an old harmonium if she feels that a song would sound better on this instrument or decide to solder a cable to connect a micro piezo to her portable recorder to try to capture some unsuspected sounds ... Cloé also studied the electro acoustic for 3 years at the Conservatory of Mons.

In 2007 was released "Microclimat", the second album in French of Cloé, which won in 2008 the Coup de Coeur Award of the Academy Charles Cros. This album was recorded mainly by Cloé and mixed by Rudy Coclet. "Sapristi", the first French album of Cloé, was released in 2004 and Renaud Lhoest (Yann Tiersen, Venus ...) arranged several pieces for orchestra on this disc.

Cloé du Trèfle was invited to compose various music for movies or theater plays after her project in English Clover's Cloé and had collaborations with many artists: Daniel Hélin (co-composer of the album "Mécréant" released in December 2005 and on stage with him for more than 50 concerts as Velvet Sister), L’Orchestre du Mouvement Perpétuel, Julos Beaucarne, Manza, Pôm B. Bouvier, Hands up Boys, Pitcho, Caroline Le Méhauté, l’Oblikollectif, ...

Various pieces of her albums were found on compilations of the magazine Les Inrockuptibles.

Cloé du Trèfle has done many concerts, including in England, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Spain, Poland, Slovakia,... but also in Brazil, China, Vietnam (including the Hanoi Opera) or in Kinshasa.

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